A chance to retell the story

Last week when a friend of mine asked me to present my PCT hike to a group of Year 12 women at her high school, I felt honoured to be able to share my story again.


It has taken me months to appreciate that the trail has left a permanent impression on my life. It has become part of my mind, body and soul. The memories are so deeply engrained that there’s moments I feel I’m actually reliving them, only to realise that world is now oceans and mountains away, and months ago.

But it does shock me to think that this time last year I was on trail, very much still in the thick of things. In fact looking back at my blog, on this day last year, I was walking along the waterless Hat Creek Rim.


Yesterday I was buzzing with nerves and excitement as the group of 200 young women filled the sports hall and sat down attentively. I had changed my presentation slightly from when I visited Judi’s schools near Agua Dulce after the hike, and focused mainly on how I prepared, what I took, what I ate, and the highs and lows.


The reactions of the young women were priceless! They were shocked, laughed, oooooh’d and aaaaaah’d, and in the end the buzz in the room and interest from the teachers told me it was a success. Here’s a video of some of the highlights, (and a thank you to Marty for your highly professional iPhone filming!)

I jumped on a plane back to Sydney after the talk, for my last few days in Oz before my trip to Spain. When I arrived home, the yearbook Judi had sent me from Del Sur Junior High School was sitting on the kitchen table, with a page to commemorate my visit there in October. Thank you Judi for the copy, and for giving me that chance to come and speak to your students. Having the opportunity to inspire kids has been the most wonderful outcome of my PCT adventure!


8 thoughts on “A chance to retell the story”

  1. It has been said “the PCT keeps giving,” and so on it continues. Those three and a half days of you visiting my schools was such fun leading to more unexpected crazy fun, laughter and karma. You think I gave to you, and I think you gave to me, yet it all comes from that crazy, mystifying incredibly beautiful trail. Thank you PCT and thank you Muk. As always, all the best to you!

  2. Awesome job! So cool to see the inspiration to the kids. Getting ready to head out for another 100+ mile section hike on the PCT…can’t wait!

  3. The word will spread, hopefully, so that you get more speaking engagements to speak and tell your story and show much more of your adventure….you really are a great speaker, sweetie….whether or not you are nervous, you sure seem calm and “together” while you share before people….wonder-filled story that you have needs to be shared more …. for me, watching and reading your blogs made me feel your excitement, your pain in your earthsuit while carrying your pack and walking so long, like 30 or so miles…I was “there” with you and worried when you hit snow storms that covered the trail….made me really concerned for your safety….anyway, it was wonderful and people will love to see and hear about….in fact, it would make a great book and so much to enjoy while reading about it….GO FOR IT, girlio…Off to Spain next!!! Don’t forget us….we love and support you 100%….from your California friend, Barbie

  4. oops…forgot to click on “Notify me” etc…got to do my part to follow your blogs…smiling….Barbie

  5. That’s great Muk! You inspired them!!! Tell me if you’re getting close to Germany or Belgium (I won’t be getting close to Spain this year), I’d love to meet. Anyway, if you have like time between flights in Frankfurt or so, let me know. I’ll buy you coffee, or if you have more time… My home is your home! You’re always welcome! Love, Cat

    1. Thanks Cat you’re a star! Will definitely touch base if I head out your way! Your recent adventure in the Alps looked epic! I need to get back in the mountains! Happy trails! 🙂

  6. Hi Rozanne….we haven’t heard from you for a long time….at least, it seems like a long time…hope all is well with you….

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