Food I left Whitehorse with in my deck bag for the first half of the race (I replaced everything in Carmacks for the second half):


Gummy bears
Oreo thins
Gluten free brownies
Pizza slices
Home made glutinous rice cakes with blueberries and coconut
Pre-cooked sausages
Cheese cut into cubes
Boiled mini potatoes with butter and salt
Fig newtons
Corn chips
Ritter Sport chocolate
Boiled eggs (soft) x 2
Boost protein drink with extra calories x 2
Soup/tea in thermos
Bite size pieces of Cliff Bars/Kind bars
Baby food – only sweet flavours x 2
Rice pudding (put in Coghlan’s squeeze tube)
Tapioca puddling (put in Coghlan’s squeeze tube)
Snickers bar cut into bites
Jelly Belly Sport Beans x 3 packets
Coca-Cola bottle (flat)
Mentos chewy mints
Zeal Wellness Blend (Bold Grape)
Zeal Vanilla Protein Powder
Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator powder
NUUN Active electrolyte replacement tabs
NUUN Plus tabs for extra calories
Clif Shot Blocks
Clif Shot chocolate

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