Carmacks Support

The ‘TO DO’ list I provided to Morgan my support crew for the seven hour layover in Carmacks:


Tent, sleeping pad, comfortable pillow, and sleeping bag ready with earplugs, bandana, fresh water and a few snacks
Set up chair and recharge station
Have fresh water on standby
Have a bottle of Vega Sport Accelerator on standby
Have food (pasta, salad etc) on standby
Have a towel and dry clothes on standby
Have coins ready for the shower
Have a garbage bag ready for wet clothes
Have toothbrush and toothpaste on standby
Make a note of arrival time
Take boat to holding area
Turn off inReach/SPOT device
Turn off GPS
Serve food
Provide sleeping tablet and magnesium pill (for relaxation)
Walk paddler to showers and provide coins and change bag with towel
Walk paddler to tent and remind them of wake-up time
Set alarm for wakeup time (45 mins to one hour before departure)
Hang out all clothes to dry
Hang out shoes to dry
Recharge iPhone/iPod touch on large battery pack
Recharge camera
Change batteries in GPS
Change batteries in inReach/SPOT
Change batteries in headlamp
Throw away any wrappers/garbage from PFD, deck bag, boat
Ensure Coffee Creek bag clothing has not been worn
Refill spare batteries
Refill first aid supplies if used
Refill pain killers in spray skirt container
Refill vaseline tub in spray skirt
Refill thermos with soup
Refill small thermos with tea
Refill food in PFD (gummy lollies, fig bars, gels, chews)
Refill food in deck bag
Refill 4L water dromedary bag
Refill 4L NUUN dromedary bag with 8 x NUUN tablets
Clean out water bottle
Replace wet clothes with dry clothes
Prepare protein powder and zeal for pre-departure
Clean out cockpit with sponge
Have food ready for wake up
Have the boat inspected for depature (if allowed)
Turn on inReach/SPOT device
Wake up call (45 mins – 1 hour) before departure
Serve food
Remind paddler to brush teeth and use the bathroom before departure
Keep an eye on departure time and give a 15, 10 and 5 minute reminder
Carry boat towards the water
Assist paddler back into the boat and hold the boat until they’re ready to depart
Make a note of departure time
Prepare to head to Five Finger Rapids for arrival 2.5 hours after departure (leave 15-20 minutes to access the rapids from the road)
Either sleep at Carmacks or drive to Minto or Dawson City

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