West Coast Trail Budget for 2 people 

(Assuming you own all your equipment and gear)

Permits $368 $184 per person
Bus from Pachena Bay (Nth) to Gordon River (Sth) $170 Bus departs Gordon River (south trailhead) at 9:15am & Pachena Bay (north trailhead) at 1:45pm (trip time approx. 3.5 – 4 hours)
Ferry to and from Vancouver Island $160 Horseshoe Bay (West Vancouver) to Departure Bay (Nanaimo) 2 people and 1 car
(midweek discount [$71.80] for one sailing)
Car fuel $50 From and to Vancouver
Food & Drink $150 Estimated for five days
Miscellaneous $25 Stove fuel, Aquatabs, Ritter chocolate
Camping at Pacheedaht First Nation $20 Gordon River (Port Renfrew – Southern start point)
Crab shack (Nitinat Narrows) $25 Fresh crab or salmon and potato on trail ($25 per plate – only I ate it)
McDonalds breakfast $12 On the way home (no road trip would be complete without it)
$980 Total cost for 2 people ($490 each)

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