Food Menu

Breakfast 2 x Quakers Oatmeal packets
(maple & brown sugar/raisins & spice)
1 x Pop tart (frosted strawberry)
Lunch Tortillas with peanut butter and jam
2 x cheese sticks
Dinners 1. Tuna pasta with tomato and olive sauce, topped with grated cheese
2. Mr. noodles with tuna
3. Rice, mushroom soup powder, tuna
4. Mac & Cheese with pre-cooked wieners
5. Knorr minestrone soup (if required)
Dessert Chunky Kit Kat or Ritter Sport chocolate
Snacks Trail mix with M&Ms
2 x Cliff/Vega bars
Gummy bears
Corn chips
Drinks Gatorade powder
Black tea
Powdered milk
Instant coffee
Coffee mate
Hot chocolate


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