I’m a serial nomad who’s climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, walked the length of the United States, Spain, and New Zealand, paddled four hundred and fifty miles in the world’s longest annual kayak race in the Yukon, Canada, and driven a rickshaw 1,300 miles across India from Chennai to Mumbai.

I don’t like to sit still, I have a fear of missing out, and I believe there’s more to life around every corner, which is what keeps me searching.

I explore the world for fun, work, and general intrigue. My vacations include hiking, paddling, or writing in the shade of a tree.

I’m quite simple really, and I love living simply.

The more I learn the more I forget. I capture my experiences to share my inspiration and reflect.

I don’t know more about life than you. All I know is what I’ve lived, what I think, and the experiences I’ve been through. These are the stories I share.

Time is precious.

Thank you for sharing yours with me.

Rozanne Pilbeam aka Muk Muk

35 thoughts on “About”

  1. You are a profound type of person, even if you don’t mean to be. Keep on the journey and keep sharing; it’s an inspiration to many.

    On that note, I left a post on your PCT blog about hoping for a sabbatical to do the hike myself. It came through, so I’m off for my own odyssey. I linked to your blog and stole… *ahem* “borrowed” some of the formatting you used because I found it so helpful.

    Rock on, sister.

    1. Congratulations I’m so excited for you!! Let us know your journal address so others can follow along. Have an amazing journey!

  2. Hi i am Ali’s sister, Elspeth, and we have been following your blog with great interest. We being my mother, Coral, husband Wil and myself.

    Wonderful photos and description of the trail. Wishing you all the best and send our love to Ali if you are still walking together on the PCT?

    love from Elspeth

    1. So lovely to hear from you! I really hope to bump into Ali again, what an amazing lady she is! Thanks for following along!

      1. muk muk, not sure if you remember me but you sold me my sleeping pad and sleeping bag at MEC in Vancouver….I depart April 2 on the PCT. So glad to see you’re well.

      2. Oh my goodness I’m so excited for you!!!! I miss that trail so much!!! You’re going to have an amazing adventure… one step at a time!!!! Happy trails!!!! 😊

  3. Hi Rozanne,

    We´re allready home 🙂 we skiped 6 stages due the realy bad weather (pussies).
    So we missed the entire Cantábria area, 3º celcius and rain made us change the course.
    By the way the dish I made, it´s called “Huebos rotos” (striped eggs). In case of you want to remember us, just order it!
    Buen caniño!
    I can´t send you the photo we took. please confirm your e-mail to almeidahjc@sapo.pt

    1. So good to hear from you my Camino friend! I’m in Laredo having lunch after freezing in the wind and rain today. I’m battling on though with my soggy feet and pack. Will send you an email soon. Hope you continue to follow the adventure. I’ll have to come to Portugal next! 🙂

      1. Hello Rozanne,
        Please let me know when you are arround!
        You will be very wellcome to my place, get rid of gummy bears and have same decente meals 😉

  4. Hello Rozanne,
    I followed your journey through el Camino last month and so I am on stage 8/9 on the Camino now and you inspired me to blog about it. Just a beginner blogger and thought I would share with you as I admire your writing and stories. Hope all is well, Mario

  5. Hi Mukmuk, it’s Patti AKA Glow in the Dark. We plan to do the Camino de Santiago some day. Good to see you’re still travel on!
    Lynn and I are almost done with our book. I know you said I could use an excerpt from your blog on ours, but now that it’s going to book form I wanted to be sure it was still ok. If you are not comfortable with that, I would truly understand! It’s the excerpt about the Glow hike. With that said I also don’t know how you feel about us using a picture of you with the co-conspirator of the hike. We just want to be respectful of how you may feel so let us know. Thank you and hike on! You are inspiring. Lynn’s on twitter and I’m on Facebook if you want to answer that way.

    1. Hi Patti, so wonderful to hear from you! Wow I’m so excited to hear about your book. Can’t wait to read it! Please let me know once it’s complete. Feel free to use anything from my blog including pictures. If you want me to email the originals with better resolution I’d be delighted to. The glow in the dark hike was UB’s idea from start to finish. You and your courage ignited and inspired him, bringing out one of the best coordinated hiking events I think the trail may have ever seen. The way he gathered support from the hiking community was an inspiration in itself. I very much hope you’re still in contact with him and that he is the focus of that story. I was simply there to watch him shine. You continue to inspire and I look forward to reading more of your stories. All my love, Muk

      1. Thank you so much! We are getting closer and closer to finishing. I’m getting excited! Looks like it’ll be out within the next two weeks.
        I did run into a problem with the pictures I wanted to use for my Glow chapter. I was wondering if I can take you up on getting the originals. mcshap@att.net
        And yes, we did keep in touch with UB.
        Love to you

      2. Great news Patti. I’m in a little village with no wifi to send them from my laptop until the end of the month of Aug. Is that too late?

  6. Man your life is fun!! It all depends on my designer, aka, my son who is laying out the book for free. I figured I can get a freebie since I paid for his college education to do stuff like that ;). It is my hope to get it out by the Relay for Life August 23 but I think realistically that’s not going to happen so very possibly would be ok.

  7. Hi! I have just stumbled across your blog because I will be doing a stretch of the Camino next week and was looking for some insight. Your about page reminds me of myself, I was also born in 1982 and I do often feel restless. I haven’t quite figured out what it is but what I do know is that I am happiest when travelling. So there must be something.
    All the best to you on your life journey! 🙂
    Funny enough I have just started my own blog – called happynomadblog – well, I haven’t really started but I mainly paid for the domain 😉

  8. HI there,
    I have just stumbled across your blog while searching for some information on the Camino – which I will be walking soon. Well, only the stretch from Irun to Bilbao – starting next Friday (so pretty much exactly one year after you have been there ;).

    And wow, it does seem we have quite a lot of things in common, I was also born in 1982 and I do feel restless often. The happiest I feel is when travelling, so I guess that is what I have to do.

    I wish you all the luck on your life journey!


  9. Rozanne – I’m halfway through reading your blog posts through the PCT. I love living through others adventures – I feel like I’m right there with you. I’m a little late to the party – but it’s all good. I wish when I was your age, I had the tenacity to do what you have done. Can’t wait to finish your entries. They give me great dreams! Good luck and as Roy and Dale would say “happy trails to you!”

  10. Hi Dear Rozanne…….I was working with you in QAH 2015 from WOW stuff……..I am really amazed but proud of what you have achieved in your life…..good luck and take care of yourself Love ❤

  11. Hi Rozzane,
    I was searching for Camino del Norte which brought me to Serial Nomad, I must say I am really impressed the way you experience the world and wish you all the best for your future adventures. I hope it works for me out to go for my first trial, it is not easy to leave everything behind …

  12. Hi Rozanne,

    In just over a week I start my hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. Im also Australian and I have been dreaming about this adventure for the past 2 years. Through the amazing PCT community I have been speaking to another Aussie who is living in Melboune and he is starting the same day as me. We connected via Facebook and have been sending each other advice and talking about gear and resupplies and everything else trail related. Today he was having a low day and was super stressed out so I was looking at videos on YouTube to send to him to motivate him and remind him of the amazing adventure we are about to undertake. I found your video “meet MuK MuK the Aussie hiking the PCT”. I just wanted to say thank you! You summed it up in so many words! It’s the same feelings and same want and need to explore the world as I have. I was living in France when I read Wild. I had never heard of thru hiking or the PCT prior to that. And now I’m about to hike over 4000km!

    How amazing it is to discover like minded people living all over the world!

    Thanks for being awesome and sharing your adventure so people like us can be reminded why we are doing this!

    1. Hi Kate! It inspires me to hear that you’ll be walking the trail this year and embarking on a journey that will undoubtedly change the way you view nature and this giant wonderland we live in forever. You will never regret this adventure. You will have extreme highs and lows but the roller coaster ride is all part of the adventure. From your brief message I can already tell you have what it takes to reach the end.. that vital ingredient.. DESIRE! If the mind can think it the body will follow. Happy trails! Muk Muk 🙂

  13. Congrats on finishing the race from Sportchek/Atmosphere Customer Service, 53rd place is awesome!

    1. Haha hey great to hear from you!! That deck cargo net was one of the best systems I had, and I have you to thank for getting it to me just in time! 🙂

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