Two months in transit

I haven’t stopped moving since I’ve been back in Australia, but at the same time, I don’t really feel like I’ve gone anywhere. I’ve been doing round trips from Sydney to Melbourne to Sale and back to Sydney, with my carbon footprint going through the roof. Thank goodness I’ve done so much walking this last year to balance it out!

I’m on my way back to Melbourne this morning. Back on the ferry and train to the airport, again. I have my routine set so seamlessly now that I slide between the confused tourists looking for the ticket machines, timetables and entrance gates, while I float through effortlessly. I look like a local, like someone who feels at home in this environment, impressing these tourists with my efficiently, knowledge and know-how. The truth is I feel as foreign as they do.

I’ve been fascinated lately by people’s routines and in awe of the simplicity of their actions. Basic things like using the same mug for tea or coffee in the morning, having a local supermarket where they shop, purchasing a booklet of tickets for the same bus, knowing that there’s a dinner special at the pub on a Tuesday.

Although these trips are becoming so familiar with the airports starting to feel like home, I can feel that lack of routine stranglehold tightening its grip. When complete freedom casts you into the middle of the ocean without a clear direction of which way to go. Any direction will take you to a destination, but you need to be clear on that destination before you start to swim.

I picked a destination for the end of July months ago, but with all this swimming back and forth in between I’ve seen many other horizons pop up. It’s been tempting to explore these other options, but the more I contemplate a new direction the more I feel lost. If there’s one lesson that has always rung true for me it’s ‘stick to the plan’. This doesn’t mean not having the flexibility to change, but it means once you make a decision you should reach that shore before turning around to swim in the other direction.

At the end of this month I’m heading back to Spain with the intention of learning Spanish and taking time to write. I feel a bit like a teenager on a gap year. Does this girl ever work? The answer is not a lot this year that’s for sure. The lack of work is contributing to that lack of purpose feeling, and being a freeloader for so long does do evil things to your self conscious. But I know the solution to my own despair. Write. Writing is my therapy, and I haven’t had enough downloading sessions with my virtual therapists lately which is why I’m back!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest let’s talk about the exciting aspects of my gap year. Jumping on a plane at the end of this month and immersing myself in a place where people speak little English. Having the opportunity to take my pack on some new exciting adventures, finding some solitude and quiet time to write, and getting back to nature.

I’ve decided that I’m going to save up purchasing a coffee mug, shopping at a grocery store, establishing a bus route and finding a local pub for next year. I’m going to continue living this year like it’s my last, like a gypsy, like a teenager on a gap year. Once I’m able to put the guilt of doing so behind me, I’ll be ready to enjoy it!


22 thoughts on “Two months in transit”

  1. Muk Muk,

    Glad to hear that there is another adventure in the works for you. In the meantime, have you seen/heard of As It Happens: PCT ? You might enjoy the video and it could tide you over until you are able to hit your next trail. Hope you like it!

    Its like a 90 minute video snippet of Mexico to Canada 2013 but without as much adventure and drama as you shared with us! Still, the scenery is magnificent and the insight into the PCT and trail life is captivating. Thought that you might enjoy it. Also, have you ever thought of doing the PCT SoBo? It’d be a manly undertaking!!!! 😉 Enjoy prepping for your Segundo Spanish adventure. Thanks for sharing, Codger

    1. Wow….As It Happens film made me realize just what an accomplishment you did, Rozanne, when you walked the PCT all alone…I am amazed by your bravery, tenacity and adventure….what an incredible person you are….And thanks, Codger for sharing..

      So you are off to your next adventure….blessings, from your California friend, Barbie….PS It is always wonderful to hear from you….

  2. Hey Muk! Hoping you received the yearbook in the mail. Glad to see you BTTB, “back to the blog!” Judi

  3. Hey Rozanne:

    It is great to hear from you again. Love your posts!! And I even like a lot more reading that you are coming back to Spain. It´s an honor to know that you could pick any destination in the world, yet you decide to hike again these spanish trails!! 😉

    If you want to get to know the canary islands, Baloo and I will be waiting for you. Even though we are closer to Africa than to Europe, we still Spain and we speak beautiful spanish (Baloo is still learning 😉 ) for you to practice.

    We live in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the island right in the middle, so it is great for visiting the other 6 islands, or even some portuguese islands like Madeira or Azores. Great weather all year round, beautiful beaches and lots of volcanos to explore. You could also hike to the top of the highest mountain in Spain, el Teide. Great place to pick up some inspiration for your writing.

    I know you made a lot of friends along the WAY and that you will have no problems finding places to stay or people to get advice from, but please don´t hesitate on counting on me for anything you might need or want. And if you finally decide to come to the canary islands, I´ve got plenty of space home for you to crush for as long as you want!!!

    I can´t wait to read your soon to come posts in spanish!! 😉

    Muchos besos and best of lucks!!


    1. Wow what an offer! 🙂 Great to hear from you and Baloo! Would love to visit such a beautiful place. Will touch base again soon!

      1. This offer comes with a price! Whenever you have your own place in Australia and you settle there for good, we will go visit…… even if that happens around 45 years from now, you nomad 😉

        Seriously, it will be great having you around. You have my email, so count on us for anything you need and for as long as you want.


  4. So good to see you following your own path! Some friends of mine are doing something similar to you this year, except they are covering their room and food through work exchanges coordinated through Their next stop is Switzerland this winter to assist with a bed/breakfast in a tiny village known for ice climbing, mountain climbing and snowshoeing.

  5. Good for you! We all need to listen to our heart! It sounds exciting and I can’t wait to follow you on your newest journey!

  6. I’m very glad to see you are wanting to write more because you are very good at it. I’m following a few hiking blogs this year and none of them come close to captivating the audience the way yours did. (I’m re-reading yours again because I get frustrated with the others).

    Can’t wait to follow you in Spain again!

  7. I felt like I had received an email from an old friend seeing your name pop up! So exciting to hear how you’re doing. If you start missing the PCT you can always hop back over to the US and hike with me next year 🙂

  8. Nomad is such a good name for your blog. I think you have travel wanderlust in your veins. I also look forward to hearing about your ongoing adventures and sharing in your journey. Can you believe I have less than 3 months left in my countdown. So excited to begin my own wanderlust journey.

  9. Hi Muk Muk, Glad you’re back! You are such a wonderful writer; I think you’re doing exactly what you should! I can’t wait to follow you on your next adventure!

    1. Thanks Tim, yes I saw this yesterday! Am looking forward to seeing how they portray the trail. Can’t wait to see footage of it again!

  10. Muk,
    I collect quotes and am not sure who Mr. Abbey is. I thought it was made for you.

    “It’s all still there in heart and soul. The walk, the hills, the sky, the solitary pain and pleasure–they will grow larger, sweeter, lovelier in the days and years to come.”
    Edward Abbey


  11. Now that you got you family batteries charged, I can’t wait to turn the page and return to Spain with you !

    I didn’t realize how many of your “posts” I saved to read on a rainy day.


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