What a beautiful backyard

I haven’t had the privilege of getting out on any remote trails recently, but that’s not to say I haven’t been enjoying the wildlife and wilderness in close vicinity to my sister’s farm near Sale. Between collecting firewood, mowing the lawns, herding sheep, feeding chooks, ducks, dogs, cats, looking after two kids and taking care of the house, there’s a lot of work to be done. I’m enjoying taking part in these activities temporarily, but it’s a full time job for my sister and brother-in-law who live and breath this lifestyle day to day.


Finding time for a break in the routine requires planning and efficiency, so on our way into town yesterday I got my sister to drop me 5km from the centre so I could explore the wetlands and bird life on the outskirts of town, meeting her at the shops in time to head back home.



The heritage walk took me on a trail and boardwalk right through the centre of the wetlands amongst the swans and bird life that was plentiful in their natural habitat. I had the entire path to myself, wondering how many people actually take advantage of this well built corridor through nature.



It’s not always easy for an all-or-nothing person like me to take satisfaction from short expeditions, but I’ve come to appreciate even the brief bursts of outdoor exposure I’m getting between other responsibilities. The much needed family and friend time I desired so strongly in Spain has been every bit as rewarding and enjoyable as I’d hoped. I have an incredibly strong community in my many homes spread throughout Australia, and I’ve been lucky enough to spend so much time dedicated to reconnecting with them all.


I also went on a short expedition with my parents recently in Sydney around the Manly Dam Reserve. What I expected to be a short, flat 7km circuit walk around the dam was actually a wilderness trail winding it’s way through thick bush, past gushing waterfalls and wading pools, with some pretty decent climbs that gave our leg muscles a workout. The highlights in our own backyard are the ones I often ignore.




During our short walk around Sale’s Lake Guthridge today, we witnessed the unexpected incident of a dog chasing a peacock across the parklands towards the lake. When I reached the bird the dog was on top of it, and both my sister and I believed it dead. Fortunately the peacock was simply in shock, with it’s head buried underneath it’s wings. It wasn’t moving so we phoned a vet for advice, but soon after I collected it in my arms the bird wriggled free, running towards the lake and burying it’s front end into a hole. I carefully managed to wriggle the bird out, carrying it back towards it’s enclosure where the council unlocked the gate and thanked us for returning the peacock in one piece. Our good deed done for the day. Now back to stoking the fire, feeding the kids, chooks, ducks, dogs, cat and rounding up the sheep!



9 thoughts on “What a beautiful backyard”

  1. Hey there! Saw you were back in Australia. You look happy! May be there myself sometime soon. We open Australia officially on July 1st. If you know anyone that would love to live longer, look better, feel better, make extra/more money, etc please introduce them to me via email and I’ll get some ZEAL and info sent their way. We should crest 100 million in Zeal sales this year! In May we were added to the list of the top 100 Direct Sales companies on the planet! Amazing how things have really skyrocketed since heading out on the PCT. http://www.zforceinternational.com is the place for some more details. Bye for now!

  2. Muk Muk,
    Looks like you are getting a nice mix of family, travel and trails! While some of the hikes aren’t PCT-ish, just “getting out there” in nature is good for the soul…and your smile. Keep having fun while you ponder your next big adventure. Also particularly glad that you went on that expedition with your folks since we followers from your PCT blog days can tell you that that hike was Dam Manly without fear of reprisals! Good hikin’ –Codger

  3. Smiling …. so good to meet your mom and dad….and the beautiful creature you rescued…I, also, am so happy that you have small adventures nearby…. and, having family time seems to agree with you, for sure….thanks so much for your blog…lovely to see, and so looked forward to by me and many others….love and adventures from your California friend, Barbie

  4. Rozanne,
    I have been reading this year’s crop of PCT blogs and noticed how many folks have dropped out for one reason or another.
    I am continually amazed at how mentally and physically challenging this trek is and how much you really have to decide to hike your own hike (concede initial vision or goal) vs doing the entire thing.
    Many hikers concede and skip sections or are not having as much fun as they think they should be having and decide hiking the ENTIRE length is not worth the difficulty.
    I am in awe every time I think of your accomplishment and how much you stuck to your initial goals and what you envisioned beforehand. You are one tenacious individual and I am happy to have met you if only for a brief moment along the way.
    Your writing style and videos expressed your highs and lows and kept viewers coming back for more. I don’t even know how I would describe your style to others but you definitely have camera (computer) presence and a blogging charm, if there is such a thing.
    Hope you’re having a good break with family and friends and good to see a family selfie!
    Enjoy your time and discovering what’s to come for you next.
    Take care,

    1. Thanks for such a thoughtful comment Tim! I wanted to follow some PCT blogs this year too but I realised it was too soon for me to see it all again. Too many raw emotions came flooding back. It’s been great to be home but I’m also looking forward to hitting the road again soon! I hope you’re getting some time on the trail with your family and are enjoying a wonderful year! Thanks again, Muk

  5. Muk,
    Sorry to hear that there are so many raw emotions crowding into your memory of the trail. Hopefully time will weave it’s salve over your experience and make you smile once again at your achievement.
    I’m only able to hike some short trips with family because of schedule conflicts but am going to solo hike the 100 mile PCT Stehekin section in August. I was inspired by you and feel hiking solo is better than not hiking at all. I want to do the PCT in Oregon next year and need to decide if I want to do IT solo, hence this year’s section hike.
    Thanks for your response and enjoy planning your next adventure.

  6. SOOOOOOO cool to see you smiling, arm in arm with your Mum and Dad !!!!!

    Always treasure your time their company and remember their fine teachings. Please tell them I say… they Done Good raising you.

    Also love the glimps at your family farm life, so similar to our daily routine.

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