Here we go again

I’m currently sitting in the loudest massage chair at the airport. I’ve never sat in one of these chairs before, but as I was using the power socket behind it, and I had a spare $2 coin to rid myself of, I thought why the hell not.


I’m not sure if all the recent unspeakable tragedies involving aircrafts has had any affect, but the airport is almost completely silent tonight in Sydney. I was the only person in the lineup to check into my flight, and I was the only person in this entire section of the airport, until a lady just sat down next to me to use the other socket.


Packing up my belongings and getting ready to leave felt incredibly normal. I joked with my mum that it’s been stranger to actually be here for so long than to leave again. I think my friends feel the same.

There’s some kind of heightened sense of emotion about going to, or being at an airport. Many things have happened in these last couple of months, and even more recently, that the part of my mind that thinks everything that happens in the world is trying to teach me something, has been running rampant. I’ve been celebrating the start of life, and seeing those grieve the end. I’ve seen old friends and made some new, I’ve reconnected and let go of a few. I’ve learned to appreciate each day, let go of things out of my control, and appreciate the company of those around me.


I’ve packed everything I could possibly need in two backpacks. I might be working in a homestead, hostel or office. I might be hiking, camping swimming, cycling, sleeping or hermiting. Either way I’ve got it covered. Well, except for my tent. After months of toing and froing on how to fix the annoying non-closing zipper issue, I waited to receive new sliders from Mr Henry Shires but they never arrived. Mum had the sewing kit ready to go up until this morning, having fixed the hip pockets on my pack and Little Muk’s keyring. But when the mail arrived without them, we realised shit, this ain’t going to happen. I now have my horrendous yellow bivvy sack that I took through Yosemite with me and a tarp. All I can say is, if there’s mosquitos about, they’d better watch out for one unhappy camper!



And so I bid farewell to this land I still call home and head off again to the EU. My 94 year old grandpa asked me if I had any plans of settling down. I laughed, patted him on the shoulder and told him he’d be the first to know.

I only have three flights, an overnight bus ride and a four hour walk to get to my destination. It will take me just under two days, although I’m hoping to source a bus to cut down the distance of the final stretch on foot. I guess I better start practising my Spanish! (Thanks Fuller, I still have the phrase book you gave me!) Hasta luego!


15 thoughts on “Here we go again”

  1. Hi Ho it’s away from Oz she goes . . I remember carrying a front pack on my Costa Rica adventure. I really love that you are frugal and attached to your gear. Most would have just purchased a new tent or pack. Henry must be crazy busy with the thru hiker season as I’ve had to send follow up emails each contact over past few months. Looking forward to your trails. Come along little Muk, key chain is all repaired.

  2. I keep getting ” your connection is unstable ” messages here in China. I know how you feel. I know when you find home the messages change. Mine will and I hope you will find that too. Great to Skype today and will think every day of my L1. Go well go safe.

  3. Hi Roz, Sitting at my kitchen table, I am feeling the excitment. An empty slate and the world before you! Can’t wait to “join” you again!

  4. Bon Voyage! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Can’t believe the airport was so empty. Amazing.

  5. Hi darling. Walking back, last night, from the ferry, seeing it making it’s way through Sydney Harbor, I thought back about the laughter and lovely times we had. Looking at you, standing there with your backpack, I could feel that you were ready to explore the world again. How I would have loved to go with you. So “Butterfly”- fly away, have a safe trip and come flying passed us again sometime.
    Love you heaps, Mutti xx

  6. Hurrah….a next and new adventure…to Spain???? May you go safely all the way, Rozanne….I and many love getting your updates….we are silent partners with you….love from Barbie

  7. So great to catch up with you Rozi and cannot wait for the next chapter (so to speak) to keep me dreaming of far-away lands and great adventures…and i plan on joining you hopefully in NYC in the not too distant future. Keep inspiring…Susan xxxx

  8. Hope you are okay….haven’t heard from you for awhile….concerned….from Barbie in California….

    1. Hi Barbie I am alive and well! I know it’s been a while. I’m living a very unique experience in Spain at the moment that I haven’t had the time or mental capacity to put into words just yet. Thanks for checking in and know that I’m happy and well. Hope you are too! 🙂

      1. Thanks, sweetie…I am so happy that you are safe in Spain…and having a experience that is interesting and unique…I thank you for your reply to me…makes me feel good about the timing of your new story….love from California….Barbie

  9. Wow I can’t believe its only been a month since your last post, it seems like it has been forever! I still get excited when I check my emails and amid all the advertising I see “Serial Nomad”! I really should get a life, lol! So glad that you are doing well and having such a grand adventure in Spain! One day I hope to return to Spain to walk The Camino again… definitely continues to call to you! Good luck on you next adventure!

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