Day 14: Tresviso to Santander

I didn’t sleep well last night so I stayed snuggled in my warm sleeping bag this morning looking at the snow on the mountains outside the window. The only bus departing Urdon left at 6pm, which meant there was no rush to get down the mountain until the afternoon.


When I forced my bare feet out of my sleeping bag and onto the cold floor, I hurried downstairs to glue myself to one of the heaters before joining Ali and Agnes on the balcony for our standard bowl of warm tea. We then headed up to the bar where I spent most of the day editing a snapshot of the Camino so far through the Basque Country.


I had terrible stomach pains today and spent a few more hours in my sleeping bag in the early afternoon before we started our descent down the mountain at 4pm. Tresviso is known for it’s award winning blue cheese, so Agnes took over 1kg down the mountain with her to share with Ernesto when she heads back to Guemes in a few days. Both Ali and Agnes are departing the trail as scheduled to head home, which meant we all ended up getting off the bus in different cities and continuing on solo. I went all the way back to Santander (80km) to start again on the Way where I left off tomorrow morning. It feels a bit weird sitting in the same bar and heading back to the same Albergue as I stayed in two nights ago, but I wouldn’t have missed this side trip with the girls for anything.

Here’s the snapshot of my first eight days of the Camino del Norte through the Basque Country…


15 thoughts on “Day 14: Tresviso to Santander”

  1. Enjoying this fascinating journey and the images. Such different but delightful people you are meeting compared with PCT. People are mostly what it’s about. Great video also. Interesting that your future directions are coming together, probably because there’s more contemplative time and not just day to day survival. I guess we will come to learn or see what you’ve been thinking about. Thoughts with you every day.

  2. That was such a cool video. Loving all the farm animals you seeing. Can you bring me home a donkey pretty please?! Walk on, we miss you but admire you xo

    1. Thanks sissy!! Si, I will bring at least one donkey for the farm and maybe some of the cute little lambs xx

  3. As always…thanks, again for sharing your adventures with me…I loved your video…and the music was great….loved the words, too….Keep truckin’….(from the hippy days way back in the 60’s and 70’s)….and it is meaningful ’cause it means to never give up and keep movin’ toward your dreams….love to you, Rozanne…;..from your friend, Barbie

  4. Hi darling, a fabulous video and I loved the music with it. That village Tresviso looked lovely there in the moon light. Such randomness that you three girls from different parts of the world, meet and want to walk the same path to the top, Having a good time together only to part again the next day. These are the challenges in travel, who will you meet and which paths will you take. Enjoy it all and stay safe, love you, Mutti xx

  5. Wow, How cool that your choices and the trail allowed you to take time to edit and post such an awesome video ! The actual events are still so fresh and new to you and it shows here.

    A few days back you told the trail to “have it your way”…
    well, there you go, lucky you.

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