Somewhere near halfway

I’ve read over my day 15 post about five times now and I just don’t have the heart to post it. Coming back to the Camino after two days off was a bit of a struggle, but it also made me look at the experience in a different way.

I realised that labelling and counting days didn’t quite feel right anymore, as each day has started to flow continuously into the next, and perhaps that’s how it’s meant to be. Losing track of days and time seems like a necessity on this trail. It’s not about beating the snow in Washington, averaging 25 miles a day or racing to the end because my visa is going to run out. It’s a journey along one of many paths in Spain that all lead to one destination. And even then there is more, Cape Finesterre or Muxia which are beyond Santiago. I’ve lost the trail accidentally many times, and sometimes purposefully taken a different route over these last few days, which has helped me appreciate the freedom and flexibility of finding my own way on this journey.

I also think forcing myself into the routine if writing everyday was putting unnecessary pressure on myself. So I’ve taken a few days to reflect and am starting the second half of my journey with fresh feet and an open mind, and through this I hope to be able to share a more meaningful Camino experience, even if it is simply through a photo or video from time to time.



14 thoughts on “Somewhere near halfway”

  1. Hi Rozanne,
    remember asking me “why dont I write your experiences in a blog instead of a traditional log book”?
    There´s your answer.
    I completly agry with Ian.
    Buen Camiño

  2. Rozanne….you do what you want to, sweetie….you’re the greatest Muk Muk I know and you are free to DO …. to FLY with joy….from Barbie, your friend!

  3. I am excited for you having found your way of doing “the Way”!
    It is weird, isn’t it, what the Camino can give us… It is a very unique experience – that doesn’t necessarily mean better, but very special in my opinion, and I learned so many things about myself and the way I want to live.
    Looking forward to whatever you feel like sharing with us!
    Buen camino!

  4. Your pictures along the way have been beautiful and it is always wonderful to hear about your adventurous days, how ever you would like to share them! I agree with the rest, this is your journey, do what is right for you!

  5. You are a Peregrina now, attend to the path as it guides you. With an open heart. Step by step. Ultreia

  6. I remember about half way on the PCT you felt the need to not write so much and that is okay but I wonder if at some point you get over doing the trail as one more job to finish to just being in the moment. Life is not all about the end but the journey. To share the journey has been up to you all along and we love that you do. Thank- you for sharing with us. I hope you are having some good weather and are safe.

  7. Rozanne,

    Freedom and flexibility, that’s what keeps us coming back to see how you weave those into your life. We may live somewhat vicariously through your writings, but I think it’s more than that.

    As you discover yourself in the nomadic domain, and relay that in your blog, every reader discovers something about themselves too. I think we project ourselves into your experience and try it on for size.

    If you don’t capture each day in blog text we know you are adding more to the sum of what YOU are getting from this and that’s what counts.

    You probably don’t have time to write in a private journal or diary, but it most likely would be different than your blog. We accept whatever you have time for and wish to share. As those ahead of me have said, it’s about you not what you owe us.

    Take care and enjoy the second half.


    1. Rozanne, sincere thanks for your sharing. I felt freedom released as I read this post (and I, too, agree with the previous posts.)
      You, your written expressions, your videos, and your pics…well, they elicit some kind of response. Your snapshots, today, have me smiling!

  8. Earlier this week, I heard you sign off one of your videos with…
    “ok, enough chatter”

    That really caught my ear at the time. Sometimes writing/talking is a good thing. The best thing. Sometimes it’s just chatter.

    We all know you need your energy and heart to be in the right place at the right time. Hike your own hike type of thing.

    We simply appreciate being invited along, when the time is right.

    But since I am binge reading this adventure, I hope the time is still right.

    Loads of encouragement to you
    From Alaska

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