9 thoughts on “My 3 month ramble”

  1. 3 months…time passes so fast. Glad you have found your own Pod, and completely understand your trauma, horror yet pride in completing the North Island. Another month or so…a great place to be. I love my Innov8s!

  2. Congrats on your three months anniversary! So glad you found your groove, and that the experiences with mud etc on the North Island have already become a good story to relive and tell… I always appreciate you taking the time to update us here on your blog or on Instagram, so thank you for that!
    I hope the next month(s) are at least as great or even better than the last few! Safe hiking!

  3. A great ramble as usual. Now it seems like a trail with the usual challenges and rewards.

    Let me offer a bit of sandfly knowledge I picked up in the South Island last November. Sandflies in New Zealand are not actually sandflies, the biting ones are the females of a type of small black flies with a huge thirst for blood. They don’t suck like mosquitoes, they have slashing mouth blades which hurt and cause bleeding which they ingest and also leave a kind of anticoagulant to prolong bleeding. Bites are not a health risk as the species in New Zealand don’t carry any infectious or transmittable diseases.The West Coast and Fiordland are particularly infamous for their sandflies. The terminus of the Milford Track, where hikers board the ferry to Milford Sound, is called Sandfly Point – not sure if you go there. The simple effective measure is to cover up with long pants and sleeves to protect from the swarms.

    I heard of a local DIY repellent based on Dettol antiseptic which apparently is as or more effective than DEET. You need Dettol, baby oil, methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol and a hand atomiser or spray to apply. In a little jug, mix 1/3 equal parts of Dettol, baby oil and methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol and pour into the sprayer. Shake before using and avoid open cuts or wounds, eyes and mouth. You can add tea tree oil, lavender or any scent to it and it just gets better. The flies are going to get worse the further you go south, we got swarmed in Fiordland if it was calm and we stayed still. So if you give it a try, let me know what you think.

  4. Wonderful to hear from you Muk and thanks for taking the time to do the blog, much appreciated.

    I am familiar with many of the areas you have been and are going to in the South Island having previously both worked and hiked in them. You have done so well to get to where you are.

    Take care and safe hiking

    1. Thank you!!! I hope it’s bringing back great memories for you!!! I appreciate all your support! Muk 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your three months what a treck !!! I had just a few days with the sandflies on the South Island and they drove me crazy and I wasn’t even hiking. I walked through some tall grass in the evening and my feet got bit up and swelled up and hurt a lot, so be sure they don’t bite your feet if at all possible or it will make walking even worse.
    Also, speaking of shoes I’m on my second pair of La Sportiva a french rock climbing light weight shoe that has great grip on the bottom. If you see them in a store try a pair on and see what you think. They are a bit pricey but I do love them. I did a 60 mile section of PCT Kresarge Pass to Bishop Pass with lots of elevation gain and rocks and my feet felt great.
    Good luck on your last section !
    Tramper lady Ann

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