Heading from sand into the mud

I’m lying in a Holiday Park called the YHA in Ahipara at the end of 90 Mile Beach. I literally hobbled in barely able to walk and have allowed myself a sleep in until 7:30am with a chance to write something down.

At this stage the trail feels like a mix between a thru-hike and a European backpacking excursion because I’ve been forced to sleep at designated campsites along the beach (except for night one), and there’s more backpackers than thru-hikers around (mostly European). I’d read this Trail can be expensive because it runs through a lot of civilisation in the north island making it hard to ‘free camp’ as they call it and because of the temptation to buy additional food. I’ve spent $43 on camping so far over 3 nights so it’s not all that bad, plus I got an entire cabin to myself at the Utea Park.

My cabin at the Utea campground on night 3

My blog may end up being more video than writing given the state of my wrist. I’m glad I bought a brace in Auckland which I only wear while typing, and although it’s making a difference, the pain is still there. I’d use the microphone except for being surrounded by backpackers and feeling self conscious!

Video from the morning of Day 3 after night hiking:

Video from the morning of Day 4 while eating breakfast on the beach:

I know my friends who read my blog at work will not love having to watch these videos to get the full story, but I’ll do what I can.

According to my Guthooks app today I’m heading into the forest where it can be extremely muddy and slippery! There’s also a few stream crossings I’ll need to look out for so expect a few snippets of those accounts. From sand to mud… bring it on trail – I’m looking forward to getting to know the TA a little better. The PCT had its quirks, but I fell in love with that 2-foot pathway! I hope to be able to say the same for this one, even though the pathway isn’t as recognisable walking along beaches and roads.

Okay it’s 8:30am and I better get myself out of bed. Thanks for following along and for all your comments, they’re actually giving me a lot of motivation right now!

14 thoughts on “Heading from sand into the mud”

    1. Thanks Ian! Just took the needle to my foot again to discover some oozing yellow stuff. Might lay low today and give it a chance to recover!

  1. Don’t be a pussy! You like to 2600 miles on the PCT. It was a lot harder than what you’re doing now. You can do it

    1. Yeah but I don’t have my own private blister popper on this one! I have about 13 stab wounds in this sucker and its still killing me!

    1. Larry! Great to hear from you! Hope you’re somewhere safe and your home isn’t being threatened! Hope the winds die down over there soon!!

  2. Wow, such a treat to discover two new blog posts!
    Please blog/vlog the way that fits in best with your body’s needs and hiking per se – I am just grateful to be able to follow along!
    Hope the mud is not too thick right now, might be a bit much for your feet if they get constantly wet now (re: yellow stuff from above, which sounds NOT good)?
    I wonder if the change of scenery helps to divert your thoughts from the pain? I truly hope so! I remember the first few days on my hike here in Europe – every evening my shoulders would hurt so much that I was barely able to lift my arms enough to take my shirt off, and during the night the pain in my hips and feet/ankles would sometimes wake me up… As you said, it’s always worth it, but oh my, was I happy once my body got used to the weight of the backpack and the walking in general…
    Sending healing thoughts for your feet!

    1. It’s amazing how the body can adjust to the weight and the miles over time. I’ve heard rumours that the mud isn’t too bad right now but rain is on the way so I’m keen to push on. Will let you know what I find! Thanks for the good vibes, I’m feeling good about getting out there again!

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