Eating sand

I was so exhausted by the end of Day 2 I couldn’t bring myself to write anything… (it’s now the end of Day 4 and I still haven’t managed another post). What I do have however are a couple of videos from Day 2 to give you an insight into what happened – mainly just walking and eating sand! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Eating sand”

  1. Funny I just wrote on your previous post that you’d find plenty of opportunities for videos. This post might be titled, Embrace the Sand. I’m sure part of the reason your hip is tight is because the beach is on a slight angle and you’re constantly walking in the same direction. I did some walking in Costa Rica and found that fine sand to be a source of much pain, not only blisters but extremely sensitive eyes.

    1. I think the slant definitely had something to do with it, and I also had to balance out my water supply a little better!!

  2. Yay! Trail videos from Muk Muk! Those are so wonderful, I would not mind you posting more videos than text at all!
    Being able to listen to and watch the waves coming in all day sounds wonderful. Hope your feet get stronger and tougher every day, so by the time you reach the forest you can stride through it without much pain.
    Happy hiking!

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