One day to go

Today has been go go. Food prep this morning with Morgan baking, me filling tubes full of rice pudding and ziplocks with pre-cooked sausages and cheese, grapes, corn chips, chopped snickers bars, gummy bears, fig newtons and a whole variety of other treats. We then came into town, registered for the race, had photos taken, had the boat and my gear inspected, an then made sure my tracking device was still working. 

Morgan is now in the support crew briefing and I’m stuffing my face with a roast beef and salad sandwich. My brain is overloaded and running on a few less cylinders than normal, but I’m pumped and excited and ready to get on that river.

We’ve been writing lists upon lists with sub lists and appendixes to each one. We even joked but then realised we actually do need a list for all of our lists. As we checked all of my gear for the last time under the midnight sun with swarms of mosquitos curiously hovering around last night, I realised I’m so ready for the preparations to be over. It’s really time to paddle!

I’m not sure if my video below uploaded from my phone, but it’s from my final practise paddle to Lake Laberge on Sunday:


The race begins at 12:00 noon tomorrow (PST). The YRQ tracking page will be updated every 15 minutes if you care to follow:

So that’s it from me. I hope to arrive in Dawson City on Saturday afternoon!

13 thoughts on “One day to go”

  1. Hi Ros, Good luck and remember “Paddle at your own Pace!” There is nothing more strength sapping than trying to keep up with someone who has more arm power than yourself. Keep safe and enjoy! Gary

  2. I am so excited for you! I have been following you since the start of your PCT adventure. I pray your journey is safe, rewarding, and remarkable. šŸ™‚

  3. Yea!!!!… you’re on your way!!!!~~~~~~ great big heart for new adventures!!!….you go, girlio!

  4. You just arrived in Dawson a few minutes ago…..WOW…..I have been watching your progress….incredible….that’s all I can say….just INCREDIBLE…..Talk about a Triathalon (sp?)…..this is multiple times that sport…..

    I am so proud of you!!!!!…..and so happy you came into to Dawson, tired to the bone, but safely…..YES!!!!!!!…..Barbie

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