12 thoughts on “First run on the Yukon”

  1. Hi darling, you are looking well prepared. The river looks beautiful and wow you are moving without using your paddle . I wish I could be there. Thanks to Pam, her husband and Morgan they will be your support . You will be concurring this Yukon river as you did the PCT. I am so proud and for you to have that determination it is fantastic. Be safe and enjoy kayaking that Yukon river. Love you heaps, mutti xx 😘

  2. Oh wow how exciting this looks. Even better that it seems you will zoom down the river with no effort as the video show a remarkable progress with no effort. But …. to do 740 kms may require a bit of effort if you are intending to do it in the three or so days allocated!! Had look on Google Maps earth and the myriad of islets and bars on the rive river will make optimum navigation so crucial. So glad your set up work is looking good for you. Go safe and please no risks – this is not a race you need to win. Listen to your body and the environment and don’t get outside that boundary for any reason.

    1. Excellent advice Rex. One of my hardest learned lessons was developing situational awareness and backing off, when pride and stubbornness clouded my judgement. Still a lesson that I need to relearn from time to time.

  3. You looked very prepared; good luck with everything. I will actually be doing a section of the PCT starting the same day you start, so I will send you some PCT good vibes!

  4. Looks so exciting!! Looking at your well organized deck, do you have everything that won’t float teathered? In the event of a misadventure I’d be a shame to loose your maps, or any other essential.
    Safe travels/adventures,

    1. Everything is attached to some extent. The maps are attached with Velcro but they’re quite secure.

  5. WoW….So you are on your way for the big one!~~~~~~~~Blessings, sweetie…..happiness is being able to rest a bit while the river’s current moves you right along, albeit, I know that you will paddle like the dickens come the day of the start…..Amazing view….amazing girl!!! Much love and care to you from your old friend in northern California…..Barbie

  6. “Oh, tell me wise sir,
    Where are the treasures ?”
    and the wise man replied…
    “Wherever you find them”.

    May your heart be filled with treasure upon your return
    and remember to ride your rainbow with glee !!!!

    We are pulling for you
    from Alaska

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