The end of the world

Rule number one following any kind of travel or adventure… have a plan for afterwards. It’s not essential but it helps to prevent that floating in space feeling, especially when your tent is your home and the door to your home is broken… again.

Welcome back real world, where travel is by car, bus, plane or train, where schedules are determined by timetables, not hunger or weather, where people ask ‘what’s next?’ rather than ‘where are you heading?’ I haven’t had to transition with the immediacy of arriving back at home, the biggest change for me is there aren’t anymore yellow arrows telling me where to go. For the first time in 40 days I need to decide my own direction. North, South, East or West? Work or play? All I know is my time on the Camino is complete, I have reached the end, and it’s time for a new direction.

Santiago – Finisterre – Muxia

16 thoughts on “The end of the world”

  1. Felicidades, congratulations! Beautiful pictures, and beautiful music. Looks like Galicia had some typical April weather in store for you?! Oh, the wonderful coast there has a piece of my heart forever … especially between Fisterra and Muxia there are some amazing spots.
    I can’t help but wonder where you are heading next, and I’d be happy to come along via your blog, be it for work or for play, or whatever else you decide to share with us! Buen camino in your life!

  2. Oh goodie! Another adventure! Can’t wait to find our where. This one was so much fun, educational and inspirational.

  3. Aw, Sweetie….You did it….it may seem sad??? It does for me..for I will miss your blogs and videos and your sweetness and your beautiful face…and the privilege to “go” with you in HEART….Well done, my friend…and don’t forget us….for we (I, especially) will never forget you….from your California friend, Barbie…..Love and blessings, Little One!

  4. Hey there Muk Muk, thanks so much for sharing a part of the world that I probably will never see. It’s been fun watching your blog, take little buddy, Jana

  5. Hello, Rozanne. I rarely leave a reply, but I want you to know I have enthusiastically followed your journey since the PCT. Thank you, and thank you for all you have shared. Warm Regards, Sandra

  6. Hey Muk. Glad to see another finale of your adventures. I hope we get to see more, but regardless, well done. We all love following you and thank you for providing us with this glimpse into your amazing travels. Can’t wait to see the next journey. God speed and good luck!

  7. Congratulations! You are so inspiring! I don’t reply often, but I have been thinking about your journey often. You have put into words what most of us are thinking and wondering. What should I do with my life, which way should I go, where do I want to be. I have realized through your blog that we are all on our own trails, whether it is a real trail, or we are on our way to work, or whatever we are doing. We all get lost, we have sad and bad days, we have fabulous and glorious days, we have wonderful magical moments, we meet the most amazing people, we have good weather and bad; but we all keep moving forward. It is called life. I understand the need to be on the trail to refresh the soul and do your best thinking; I have loved the fact that you have had the opportunity to do so in such a large way. You have been so generous to share your journeys, thank you so much! You have helped me think about my life when I could not be on the trail. I look forward to hearing what you do next if you choose to share it. You are an awesome person, thank you so much for sharing your world with us, it means more than you know!

    1. Thank you Noryne for your kind words. What you say is so true, we are all on a journey both on and off the trail. It’s been a pleasure sharing this adventure!

  8. Rozanne, I have liked all your posts and videos. The latter show my girls what I have not filmed (which perhaps I should do for the last 217 ams and SdC to Finisterrae when I return in 2 weeks). I wish the very best and am very pleased to have met you on the camino.


  9. I see you here (via internet time traveling) on edge of a continent, after walking across an entire country. And am utterly amazed by you !

    I think of you today (January 2016) perched somewhere on the western edge of an entirely different continent, still amazed and I am so blessed to have shared this 40 day journey with you.

    Near my home in Alaska (the true western edge of North America) we have a five mile piece of land that sticks out into the sea called the Homer Spit. Just in case the coast line was not far enough…
    “Where the land meets the sea” as we say.

    As I try to comprehend how you must have felt walking those last kilometers to the sea. Your choice to show us in pictures instead of words…..BRILLIANT !!!

    I wish for many more happy adventures for us all ! And hope your feather is always blown in an awesome direction !

    As always
    Lyndella Sings…For and ABOUT YOU !!!!!!!!

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