11 thoughts on “Happy trail memories”

  1. Fun Fun Fun….well done….be happy….adventure….walk it….
    So how many Kms have you walked so far, Rozanne.?????
    Thanks, sweet girl….from your Paradise, Ca. friend, Barbie

  2. Dang, that was awesome, makes me want to hit the trail! That music makes me remember all the great thinks about the trail and squashes my memory of the pilgrim hobble, noisy Albergue’s and the not so terrific “pilgrim menus”! It’s funny since I returned from Santiago I still have no interest in the national, local or celebrity news which unfortunately I did have an interest in before I left. My pilgrimage thru Spain continues to impact me some 6 months after my return to my “civilized” life… I cannot imagine how the PCT experience continues to impact you, and other thru hikers, as u attempt to return to “normal life”. U have no idea the impact u have had on many folks that have followed u from ur PCT days and who really only know u as Muk Muk! Take care, be safe and enjoy Finisterre!

  3. Clapping like crazy for you. Loved the video. Interested in near term plans. Still Italy? Check whatsapp for more stunning Tasmania shots. Went offshore today.

  4. been wondering every day how far you have got and how it will end. what a treat to know there is more to come! all the very best for the extra bit – your encore! huge hug and avid to get the next posts. what a super star you are:fantastically well done everystep of the way. much love

  5. Rozy, at 1:09, did you really use the line from the song “no offense to you” to go along with the freely roaming cows? “No offence”…”no o’fence”…”no fence”? 🙂 Or am I hearing things?

    Also, hurry up, finish that little walk-along-the-beach in Spain, and get your ass back here to California. The ADZPCTKO is _this_ weekend! My friend Denny and I will be there Friday and Saturday. Looking forward to seeing the 7 minute PCT video contest. Sadly, they rejected my 2 hour video submission. They’re a real stickler on that 7 minute time limit. Plus my video was of my Crabtree Lakes trip and not the PCT. Man, those ADZPCTKO guys are real hard nosed about their rules. 🙂 Anyways, see you Friday. 🙂

    1. Haha the fence line was not intentional! Can’t believe kick off is this weekend! Would have loved to see the 2013 video and this 7 minute video contest! Is it too late to enter?? 🙂

      1. Yeah, too late for the ADZPCTKO, but you have some great stuff for next year’s ADZECDNKO 7 min video contest (Annual Day Zero El Camino del Norte Kick-Off)!

  6. Well Muk,

    You know that today, January 13, 2016, I expected to be one of the worst days of my life (following my big dental surgery). I was hoping to spend the day somewhere just this side of a coma.


    Imagine my surprise to instead binge read most of your Camino blog and literally jump with joy for you during this awesome video rewind !!!!

    You made me very HAPPY today. There are no words to send you my appreciation.


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