Life begins again

When I called for room service last night the man on the end of the phone asked me where I’d been. I realised two things: 1. I haven’t eaten at ‘home’ in my hotel room for the last month and 2. The month prior to that all I ate was room service. When I walked into my room before midnight for the first time in the last two weeks, I face planted on my bed and fell asleep. My phone was still in my hand when a text message woke me and encouraged me to order food, watch an episode of Homeland, take a bath and then sleep again. These three things have become such luxuries to me over the last month I’m really looking back and wondering if it was all worth it.

What I enjoy about working hard is the contrast it provides me with when the job is done. I have always been somewhat all or nothing, and in terms of work this is especially fitting. I still have reports to write and reconciliation to complete, but my focus has now moved to life beyond work. After spending two months in a large white tent on top of a sand pit, all I want to do is be outdoors. My only thoughts during the last 8 weeks have been work and flashbacks from the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s really weird the memories that flash back all of a sudden. A campsite, a lake, a view. Small inconsequential moments on the trail are what I miss the most. Quiet peaceful solitude and simplicity. Perspective. I think I lost some of that over these last two months.

Someone asked me recently if they should hike the PCT, if it was worthwhile and a life changing experience for me. In my opinion you should do whatever motivates you if you have the means to do so. Why wait? I read something my friend Leigh wrote recently about the notion of retirement. It mirrored my sentiments entirely:

So what’s next? Right now I’m on my way to Oman so I can extend my visa to the UAE for another 30 days. The driver and I are having some trouble finding the correct border to cross. These things are never simple. In fact to renew my visa my driver needs to drop me at the border, I then walk through the pedestrian access point to get an exit stamp, then take a cab 35 kilometres to the passport office in Oman, get another stamp, a cab back to the UAE border, and then an entry stamp back in. Sure, easy enough.

Before divulging my next adventure I thought I’d complete my recent experience here with a few pictures from the event. I’m on the home stretch now and almost ready to take my next leap of faith to another part of this big wide world!






7 thoughts on “Life begins again”

  1. From Leigh’s blog and I totally agree:

    “The concept of retirement has always appeared rather backwards to me, and I think we have it wrong. The idea of waiting till one retires to travel, explore, and pursue passions seems rather sad and a perhaps a tad too late. What if you don’t live to retirement age? What if your body no longer allows you to travel? What if you cannot afford to travel by the time you reach retirement?”

    To your sentiment of missing the small moments on the trail – I immediately thought of your morning in Washington (Snow Lake?) where it was absolutely silent on shore of the lake with the mist hanging over the water. Beautiful. Good luck on your next journey!

    1. I thought of this exact moment! That was a beautiful morning of silence and serenity. So glad to hear an update Muk, wonderful to hear how you’re doing!

  2. So good to hear from you. Loved the pictures. Gave insight to your life across the globe. Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. Another extraordinary achievement there in Abu Dhabi. For you, just a piece of cake huh? Keen to know what the future holds.

  4. Hi darling, what a great experience you had again and such an achievement in a job well done. Even in your work, you are living and experiencing the life of those people and in their country. Amazing how close you could be with those people and got an inside in their culture. Great photos and I loved the words of Leigh, so true. You both have a great name for your blogs. Fly away to a new adventure.
    Love you, Mutti xx

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