Half way through

I’m thoroughly looking forward to getting my life back mid next month and having time to put pen to paper. But I have to say 5 days into the festival I’m starting to feel like all the hard work is starting to pay off. Here’s a preview of the first fruitful days…

4 thoughts on “Half way through”

  1. Oh wow, that looks really interesting – so many things to do and see! Is that a storyteller second to last? He looks very enthusiastic.
    I do hope you get to see the results of your hard labour as often as possible, and I am looking forward to hearing more of the whole experience once it is finished and you had some time to rest. (And of course I am curious where you are headed next!)

  2. Looks like you are livin the life…STILL…LOL. I just realized that I took the picture on the top of your blog. Remember walking into the dark that night and seeing that Eagle Rock formation. Good memory. Be safe YOU! See ya!

  3. Looks Amazing Rozi, looks like a lot of hard work and planning is behind the sense of calm portrayed on the video.

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