The life of an expat

The life of an expat always sounded glamorous but somewhat artificial to me. Living in a high rise or hotel, expensive company dinners, weekends on the beach, chauffeurs, live in nannies, swimming pools, glitz.

Tonight while I walked along the corniche I came to the realisation that I am in fact an ‘expat’, a word I associate with business men who wear expensive suits or women who sunbathe while the nanny nurses the kids.

Everyone in the working world in Abu Dhabi is an expat. I ran into a woman in the lift the other morning who asked if I was American because she heard me speaking English. She seemed desperate for contact with someone from a familiar land telling me how weird this place seems to her. In some ways I agree, but on the other hand this place feels just as much home right now as anywhere else on the planet.

Tonight was my second evening stroll along the Corniche. Walking is my sole activity outside of work. It brings me such joy to simply be outdoors amongst the life of the city. It also gives me time to think outside of my ever growing task list and refocus on why I’m actually here and what I want to be doing.

When I reached the beach I sat and reflected on this fascinating expat lifestyle I’m currently living. It certainly ain’t champagne breakfasts and lazy days on the sand…

4 thoughts on “The life of an expat”

  1. I understand that feeling of loneliness in a foreign country, and I am glad that you didn’t feel lonely today – just quiet and reflective.
    I hope you get some more time to yourself and for walking during the next weeks, and I am sure you will know, when the time comes, where to go next. You will always find your way, just like on the PCT, with grace, humour and and honesty towards yourself and others, and I am glad that you take us along! Sending you some good vibes and feel hugged, if you want to! (Are you a hugger or not?)
    And now I want pita bread …

  2. Funny my thoughts on expats are the complete opposite after my exposure to those living the life on a Costa Rica beach, maybe running a surf or scuba business, something tourist focused but very laid back and casual.

  3. Hey Roz!! Remember me?? It’s “Mother Mukker,” my would be trail name! Why in the world I thought my following your trail blog would carry over to this new blog site, I can’t explain. Maybe working with those 350 teenagers is finally getting to me! Just spent the evening catching up to your exploits and videos. Oddly enough, as you came to mind this evening, I wondered how your post-trail adjustment was going, both physical and emotional. I think passing through that melancholy stage brings your processing of experiences full circle. Life’s a journey and girl, your journey takes some radical side trips! Feel blessed that your lifestyle thus far packs a lot of living into it. You are an exceptional person living a life many only dream of. I’m glad to have reconnected again! Cheers to you, Judi

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