Head above water

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been swimming in the world of work and desperately trying to tread water while the waves of deadlines and requests have been hitting me from all sides.

I had a few breakthroughs today, and although the tide seems to keep dragging me back, I know eventually I’ll reach a point where I hit the shore again.

This morning I spoke to my four year old nephew to wish him happy birthday, and other than a recent five minute conversation with my dad for his birthday, I’ve been completely cut off from society outside of the Fort walls where the festival I’m working on will take place in just under 4 weeks! Frightening!

As I stared at my computer screen just before 10pm this evening I decided it was time to resurface and give a brief update on where I currently stand. I’m sure a few of you might have thought I’d vanished into the ether, but I’m still alive and kicking, keeping myself afloat and my head above water.

7 thoughts on “Head above water”

  1. Good update Rozanne……you need a motorcycle to relax on…….only thing that has kept me sane the last 52 years……..lol……..well sort of anyway………..

  2. Yay, so good to see you and hear from you! I’m glad you are well, and hope you get perhaps an earlier night now and then to spend a little bit more time outside… Stay warm! 😉

  3. Helloooo! Just popping by to say hello, great to see you over NY and hope we can stay in touch. Enjoy the madness of work in that world, things here are also a bit mad but there is calm in the storm. Have fun, Ames xo

  4. I’d found myself missing you. You always make me smile, what a special person you are 🙂 It’s amazing to me your ability to be upbeat when you must be so exhausted. LOVE IT!

  5. I’m glad all is well with you, although too busy! You have been such an inspiration to me that today I started my first WordPress blog! We leave for your “home” on Friday, and my blog is called “Follow Us Down Under”. Won’t be as exciting as the PCT, but, hopefully, my friends and family will like it.

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