Overcoming obstacles

Dentist – check,
Motorbike license – check,
Shed clean up – check,
Change of address – check.

I’m slowly ticking off the to do’s as I sit in the waiting room of the dentist this morning. They’re a bit of a grumpy bunch on reception. There’s been about 50 people call up for appointments today and all have been denied. They also wouldn’t let me tap into their wifi which seems a little unfair seeing it’s the season of giving and because they’ll probably be charging me a ridiculous amount for performing a basic task like brushing my teeth.

Between the activities mentioned above I’ve been trying my best to keep the body active and the mind entertained by going on a few short walks in various new locations.

On a recent bush walk down in Frankston, Victoria I came across two young girls who told me a tree had fallen across the path up ahead. They suggested I may not be able to get past and may want to turn back. I smiled, thanked them and carried on thinking, ‘they obviously don’t realise I just walked from Mexico to Canada, huh, how bad can this tree be?’

When I did reach the tree I realised their concerns were valid and was highly impressed that they managed to get past. Luckily I wasn’t wearing a pack because it required some fancy footwork and balance which I’ve obviously lost some of since the trail.

This is how an “experienced hiker” navigates a fallen tree… (in style)…

Wishing you all a Happy New Years Eve and see you in 2014!

9 thoughts on “Overcoming obstacles”

  1. Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. I hope you have an awesome 2014! I have been busy like you have, so have not been able to post until now. Hope you are enjoying yourself with good friends tonight. Thanks for the updates while you were back home.

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