The Victorian vacation

My recent nights sleep haven’t been too dissimilar from trail life. I haven’t slept more than two nights in any one location and I’ve been using a variety of sleeping apparatuses including my tent, a fold out mattress, a friend’s van, and the sleeping bag/yoga mat/quilt contraption I’ve got going this evening. I’ve been sleeping extremely well and felt most at home watching the lightning flash through the sky the other night from the comfort of my trusty Tarptent.


I’ve got insane hay fever tonight, and have been self medicating myself over the last few days with a mixture of cough medicine, cold and flu tablets, herbal remedies and Telfast to try and rid myself of the dry cough and nasal congestion I’ve been experiencing. Nothing’s working tonight. I think I’m allergic to the state of Victoria which is mighty upsetting considering it’s as close to home as anywhere in this world gets. Maybe there’s just a lot of cats around. I can detect cat hair from freakish distances. Maybe it’s just my childhood allergies to house dust resurfacing. Or maybe I’m just allergic to houses?


We thought Armageddon might hit last night when crazy winds reduced my tent to a rolled up ball and the grey skies came thundering in. From the look of the weather radar we’d soon be under attack from the menacing colour tones clouding the skies, but after a few measly drops of rain spilled the grey skies soon turned to blue. Not only were our efforts to bunker down in vain, but my last opportunity to sleep outdoors had also vanished.


I’m nearing the end of my visit to Victoria. I’ve got a few more catch ups with friends and family, I have my full motorcycle license test tomorrow after very limited riding this year (it’s also expected to rain tomorrow), then after my dentist appointment on Monday I’m driving back to Sydney with some friends for New Years. I’ve manage to squeeze quite a lot into this short timeframe. The whole needing a holiday after a holiday scenario will apply once I’m back on the plane to Abu Dhabi in just over a week. Hopefully I’ll be rid of my mystery illness by then. Strange that I didn’t have allergies over in the city of cats? Must be a different breed over there.

Below is a recap of the days leading up to Christmas. I have to say it’s great to see the old crew again on this site. Thanks for hanging in there and transferring over to the new address!

Music: The Rubens, Lay it down

7 thoughts on “The Victorian vacation”

  1. Much trickier weather than SoCal that’s for sure. Empathize on the allergies, just about died a couple summers ago up in Santa Maria. Good luck on the motorcycle test Rozanne, they are the only thing that has kept me sane through the years. After 35 other bikes I’ve ended up with a FJR and a KLR…….can’t have just one…………lol……….

  2. Love your happy, sleepy face in the tent!

    I hope it’s just an allergy and some kind of medicine works soon! I have several myself and can confirm that it is so not fun, although I am not allergic to houses – yet… 😉
    Are you going to work in Abu Dhabi? How long will you stay there?

    Wishing you a Happy New Year, and all the best for 2014!

  3. Rozanne, Glad to see you decided to keep blogging and thanks for posting the link on your mexicotocanada2013 site.

    A friend of mine recently gave me a book titled “Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel” by Rolf Potts. Perhaps you’ve already read it. If not, then this one might be right up your alley. Certainly his tips and techniques may not be useful for you as you’ve already developed your own, but I think you’ll find his way of thinking quite interesting.

    Best wishes for a prosperous 2014!

  4. HI Rozanne,

    Thanks for the trip through part of Australia. I have to say the field didn’t look too inviting. Happy New Year.

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