Carols under starlight

For the first time since October 6 2013 I set up my tent to once again sleep beneath the stars. This time I’m looking up at an entire new galaxy of twinkling lights in the Southern Hemisphere. I’m elated despite my deep chest cough and runny nose which almost prevented me from sleeping outdoors tonight. It is Christmas Eve though, and if there’s one way I haven’t woken up on Christmas morning it’s in a tent alone in the front yard of my sister’s new property.

I set up as the sun was setting after story time with my four year old nephew. If he saw the tent in the daylight he would have insisted on accompanying me overnight. I found some old sleeping mats in the shed as I left my 6 month old Thermarest in Vancouver post PCT. Despite it being thinner than cardboard I still couldn’t part with it completely, but as it didn’t make the journey south I needed an alternative. In the midst of unrolling my new acquired sleeping mats (yes plural, I’m using two), a handful of dirt sprayed across my tent floor. On closer inspection and from the sensation in my nostrils I soon discovered this ‘dirt’ was in fact mouse or perhaps even rat poop. I’m just glad it was dark because by the time I discovered what I’d been sweeping out with my hands, the tent floor was clean enough for entry.

I’ve cheated a little tonight by bringing a pillow from inside for extra comfort. Everything else remains the same and I’m glad mum was able to fix my zippers enough so they close to keep out the army of bugs spying at me from the other side of the mesh. It’s hard to believe its Christmas tomorrow and almost the start of yet another year. Instead of New Year resolutions, I usually name the year ahead on December 31st. 2013 was the year of ‘Adventure’, and that certainly rang true. I haven’t thought of a name for 2014 just yet. I know it will have elements of adventure and many other novelties along the way. I still have a few days to figure it out.

Tonight is not just a first for again sleeping outdoors, but it’s the first time I’ve laid down with my iPhone at night and actually written a new blog entry. There’s so many transitions and changes taking place this month that I’ve let this world go in order to find a new path to tell my stories. I’ve finally stepped foot on that new path. I don’t know exactly where it’s going to take us, but if there’s one good lesson I’ve learned this year it’s to take things one step, one day, one trail at a time.


13 thoughts on “Carols under starlight”

  1. Hi darling, it is the best Christmas this time because you are home with our whole family. It will be an interesting time for you again so early in the year 2014. I wish you a great future, love you darling, Mutti xxoo

  2. I have enjoyed your inspirational adventures of the past year tremendously and have shared many if them with my 12 year old daughter – thank you for sharing it all , we both want to wish you a happy Christmas , and we are looking forward to this next year of adventure and growth ! – thanks for sharing –

  3. Hello Rozanne,

    Merry Christmas from California! I’m excited for you that you have started this new blog and look forward to following your adventures (Whatever they may be) for 2014. Have a great New Year!

    Keith B.

  4. I am excited to see where this new path will take you, grateful that you let us join you and I wish you a great 2014! All the best, take care!

  5. Thanks for the terrific Christmas surprise ! We are so pleased to have been invited along on your future endevours, whatever they turn out to be.
    You bring much joy to us all.

    Love the happy holiday/tent photo.

    Merry Christmas from Santas neighbors in Alaska…


  6. Hello Rosanne,

    Merry Christmas from California! I am excited that you have started a new blog for your new adventures. Looking forward to keeping in touch with you in 2014!

    Keith B.

  7. Hi Muk Muk,
    I just now completed reading your PCT blog looking for inspiration as I will be doing the trail in 2014. With all the adversity you received on the trail you showed incredible moxy pushing through and making it to the end. I have reviewed many blogs and none had so many barriers thrown in front of them as you did. I was particularly taken by your decision to finish in what were very dangerous conditions in Washington. Several of the blogs ended 60 miles from the finish. I was so pleased that you pushed forward and finished in style. Late congratulations and I hope to follow you on a future adventure (Maybe I’ll see you on the CDT in 2015…)

  8. Christmas time has taken you so many places. Or should I say, you have taken yourself to incredible places at Christmas time.

    As I revisit this holiday post of yours… I send this reminder of another day, long ago, when a young lady used her hand to sweep ancient mouse turds from the floor of her tent. Turds from another trail, another time another contiment. She told herself to take one day at a time, one trail at a time, one “what will I title this next year “?

    Whatever Christmas means to you…find joy this season on the trail !


    1. Thank you Lyndella! What a gift in the lead up to Christmas Day. Perhaps this time of year is having some nostalgic effect on my mood. Bless your beautiful words and you!! 🙂

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