A new chapter down under

I’ve been back in Australia just over two weeks now and although I’ve been compelled to write, I’ve also been experiencing internal debate as to whether or not I should start a new blog; and if I did, what I would write about.

Being home brought back a flood of trail emotions I must have buried while in Abu Dhabi. Being back in the environment where I was planning to set off on one of the most exciting adventures of my lifetime was difficult with the realisation that I no longer have the PCT to look forward to anymore. It now only exists as a memory.

Keeping active filled that dark empty hole when it surfaced, and having some real time to relax has done the body and mind wonders. It’s going to be a bit of a whirlwind as I’m heading back to Abu Dhabi post New Years where I hope to have some time to develop a new blog to illustrate a new chapter. It may take some time but it’s coming.

For now here’s a quick insight into my 11 hour road trip from Sydney to Melbourne. Merry Christmas to all and hope to be back in the New Year!

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