7 thoughts on “My latest revelation”

  1. Cool to “see” you! I saw that northern NZ copped it with rain and was thinking of you! Glad you missed most of it. Thanks for the update. Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful, alone and enjoying it. It’s good (no it’s fantastic..it’s what I’m craving) to hear, and yeah…enjoy, and send vids when you feel like it. No need to justify, don’t think of “us” as needing something, we don’t…this is for you, not us…

  3. I think that is the best state on a trail – just being, taking the good with the not-so-good or downright annoying, and still being content and happy to be where you are … love it, and am very happy for you!
    And yes, please don’t worry about writing or vlogging anything if you don’t really feel like it! Enjoy your time and follow your heart in doing what you want to do!

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