300kms down

Today I completed 1/10 of the trail, which actually feels like a big achievement despite having so much still ahead of me. I remember hitting the same milestone on the PCT in Big Bear I think it was. I do a lot of mileage comparisons with the PCT, in fact, I think about the PCT A LOT on this trail, which I’m trying not to do. It’s like thinking about your ex when you’re getting into a new relationship. Not good! 😊

300km mark (I tried to write the number with sticks in the foreground).

My new hiking/tramping strategy is to be on trail by 6:30am, have a short foot rub break at 10/10:30am, and then stop for a long lunch at 12:30/1:00pm to wait out the heat and let my feet rest before pushing my last 10km. I’m averaging between 25-30kms a day, which is pretty good given the grade and surface of the trail, especially when I’m doing long stretches along the road like yesterday.

It was great to get off my feet and paddle across the inlet, and one thing I do love about this trail is that it’s constantly changing. The day before last I went from paddling to road to river to forest and then back to road. I make a point of knowing what’s ahead only enough that I won’t run out of water or go off track, but the surprise of what’s next is part of the adventure of this crazy trail. Loved seeing trail markers on the water!

River section at the beginning of yesterday.

Yesterday when I thought I had another 10km of road there was actually a forest track that absolutely destroyed me! I could only laugh, the steepness of the hills beat the hard ground of the road I guess.

The trail was as steep as the line on this chart I guarantee you!

Despite my excitement about my camping location, I had the worst sleep on trail so far. Instead of waking up to gunshots, I woke up twice to what I think was a possum charging my tent. It literally hit me in the feet and then later straight in the head. I woke up screaming and heard the animal racing into the bushes. I dragged my pack and even my shoes inside with me and just heard the critter racing around me all night. Never during my 6 months of sleeping in the desert, mountains or forest on the PCT did I actually get rammed by an animal in the night!

My dinner last night – I was too tired to cook!

I’m planning to camp at a picnic ground by the beach tonight that apparently allows one night free camping. It might be crowded, but after possums and gunshots and wild horses I’m prepared for a bit of tourist noise… (well we’ll see what the trail brings!)

7 thoughts on “300kms down”

  1. POSSUM ATTACK! Oh, lol. What on earth must have been going through that possum’s mind when he decided to head-butt a wall of nylon? Was he trying to fight your tent? Hope you get a better sleep tonight though. 🙂 xo

    1. I know seriously! I did find a big hole in the mesh today. I guess he was trying to get at my food bag!! 🙂

      1. If it happens again, can you please please film a re-enactment of the PCT mountain lion video, only being stalked all night by a vicious possum

  2. That’s one aggressive possum. We have a lot of them where I live in Texas. Usually they are pretty calm. Sounds so quiet. I don’t think I could be just with “me” for that long. Anyway, hopefully there will be a good balance of good and bad.

  3. Good night, Girlio….or bad night?????…..glad you are safe….nice seeing you in the trees….right?…..a the best, it wasn’t a mountain lion!!!!….”kick’ wild”, sweetness! Barbie here walkin’ right with you….smiling

  4. Greetings from another coast,

    The way you have been comparing your thoughts of your current trail to the PCT reminds me of the way parents often think of their children. You are not ever supposed to LOVE one child more than another. But truth be told…we all have good days and bad, strengths and weaknesses, joys and sorrows, highs and lows. Each day brings challenges and rewards. I think the trails are the same. One may be favored today and another tomorrow.

    Then when you add up the sum of the whole = LIFE

    Live it wisely.

    Enjoy today
    May your Silent Nights on the trail be very merry this Christmas!!!

    As always
    your friend

    Little Muk Muk is looking good too!!

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