Just when you think things can’t get any worse

I had to post this video now because I’m literally in stitches watching it. As horrendous as this section was, I haven’t laughed this hard since being on the trail. Enjoy!

22 thoughts on “Just when you think things can’t get any worse”

  1. Muk,
    I hope you laughed AFTER you made it out! How far did you get off trail? You are quite the trooper. Hopefully your shower is not too far distant, and I don’t mean rain shower. Hang in there, you’re doing great. It’s exciting to follow you on this kick butt trail, but I’m not laughing.

    1. Hey Tim!! Great to know you’re out there! Yes I was out when I rewatched and laughed so hard at my squealing. I’m now showered and at a Holiday Park in Kerikeri with my feet up! Bliss!

  2. A good cry every now and then is good. ESPECIALLY WHEN LOST! And the caveman scream is the best stress reliever. I remember being lost 3 times on the PCT. One night thought I skewered myself on a jagged log through the kidney. Makes ya tougher! You will overcome! By the way, at the end you said you see a trail marker. See how close one can be to winning if they just don’t give up!

    1. You’re absolutely right Pac Man. I’ve also been using your ‘pressure not pain’ mantra A LOT out here!!

  3. Relieved you can laugh now. Horrifying to watch. You must have needed some time out to regroup after that stretch of trail. Was it the trail or had you gone off line? As noted before it seems like a trail in name only and the guide book I’m following has no descriptions or warnings about the misery you a tramping through. Dry out and push on.

    1. I was only maybe 20 meters off trail through a giant paddock but it made a huge difference in this case. I spoke to a woman today that said the trail through Northland is the worst and especially just where I came through. No one seems to maintain it. There was an overgrown section with grass and weeds above my head afterwards.

  4. You’re right, testing but funny. Looks like you’ve found The Dead Marshes, keep an eye out for Gollum, he’s not to be trusted 🙂

  5. “OH MY GOD” is right !!!
    Jezz Girl, the things you get yourself into….
    So glad you are shareing.
    Sometimes the spider in the window wins.

      1. I thought you’d like that one !

        Think spider when you watch that video again…
        Your arms
        Your legs
        Your poles
        Just say’in

        From The Oregon Coast
        Lyndella Sings

        I’ve sure been missing you.
        Thanks for the smiles
        more later

    1. Planning to head into town soon. Was planning to stay a full day but I might have issues booking a kayak if I don’t move on today. TBD.

  6. Is it wrong that Jody and I laughed while watching that? Omg!!! I don’t even know what to say. Absurdist comedy at its best. Hey, in other news, how are the bugs? At least maybe you’re not getting eaten by swarms of bugs?

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