6 thoughts on “Live update from the mud”

    1. Today I dreamed about being curled up on a couch watching TV!! Hahaha! The grass is always greener! Beats work thought! 🙂

  1. Just got caught up on the blog – that mud looks hysterically horrendous. Are the trail gods punishing you for working a cushy desk job for too long?? Miss ya, really enjoying the updates. Xo

    1. Hahaha they must be! I haven’t actually wished I was back at work but I’ve dreamed of being almost anywhere else! Today was a lot better though… if my connection holds I’ll hopefully get another video up!

  2. Ugh!!!!! ‘keep “trippin’ wild” (the perfect name for muddiness is awful and stupid trail!) By the way, trippin’ wild is the name my great singer daughter is with. Love that name. Perfect for you and your wildness adventures are. Love it, sweetness!!!! Tons of love from me to you from the moon and back!!!! From your old friend, Barbie

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