Time moves slower out here

I haven’t lay in a tent and typed on my phone for years it seems. The months I spent tapping on this tiny screen on the PCT seems crazy to me now. How did I do it? Why did I do it? I guess it’s human nature to want to share your story when you’re riding a high. Like coming home from a great day at work or receiving a phone call that has the potential to be life changing. All you want to do is tell someone! I think that’s what this blog was to me back then. A vehicle to share those highs and lows. It’s what it still is I guess, though I question it a lot more now, like all social media. There’s just so much content out there, I can’t help but question why it is we do this.

Packing our boats at the ferry terminal in Tsawwassen


What I wanted to share though this evening was my very best discovery of the day. It’s something I’d forgotten about being in nature, and one of the key reasons we should all get back to it from time to time. What I was reminded of is that time slows down. There is nothing to do out here except be out here. To watch the sun slowly slip behind the horizon and leave radiant colours in its path. To watch the tide slowly creeping up the sand until it’s lapping at your toes. Every microsecond the world around us is changing, but when you watch it change, it moves so much slower than you think.

Dinner with the crew: Tyson, Dave, Amber and me


We have been blessed with good weather for this trip, and a tail wind that had Dave moving around 5km/h just by holding up his giant umbrella. (Photos on my waterproof camera will have to be posted later). It was pretty choppy out there, but the waves were at least moving us forward.

Mt Baker in the background


We’re camping at a spot called James Bay on Prevost Island. It’s glorious, not the most secluded but private enough that we had our own beach front kitchen space and some flat grassy spots under a grouping of apple trees to pitch our tents.

View from our beach kitchen


Tomorrow we’re aiming to be on the water by 7am. I’m so looking forward to coffee and oatmeal in the  morning. Mainly for old times sake. I’ll be tired of oatmeal by day three, but it’s the routine of making it and the cooking of breakfast on the beach that will make up for the flavour!

Goodnight from James Bay!

9 thoughts on “Time moves slower out here”

  1. Great to hear from you and the trip looks amazing; just what you need after way too much time spent on the laptop. Thanks for sharing your journey with us; you are a wonderful inspiration on how to get the most out of life.

  2. Oh wow, such gorgeous nature… Your beach kitchen has the best view!
    I am already looking forward to our vacation next week – we’ll go camping, alas with the car, on an island in the mediterranean sea. And I am planning to just sleep, swim, snorkel, eat, and read books – no laptop, no smartphone, no emails for almost two whole weeks, but so much time to enjoy nature, and each other!

  3. Thank for chiming in muk muk. I lived vicariously through you, then my own two sons, Big Tex and Saltlick, that hiked the PCT sobo in 2015. I always enjoy your updates. Please keep ’em coming. Are you going to watch the eclipse?

    1. Thanks Pete!! Not sure when the eclipse is but it would be amazing if we were still out here!

  4. Whoow been waiting for your post for a while and then we get 2 posts in 2 days?? You’re spoiling us Muk!! HAHAHA! Great to read about your adventures again and awesome pics there! Greetings from Greece!!

  5. I love to hear from you…..sounds so great…been yukky ill.long recovery..having trouble writing my thoughts.. love you and your grand adventures….I know I will get better pretty soon… ugly to be so weak. from your northern friend .. Love from Barbie

    1. Barbie I’m so sorry to hear you’re not well. When I’m back from the trip I’ll check in with you and find out what’s been happening. Until then I’ll be thinking of you. Thanks so much for your message!

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