6 thoughts on “Final preparations for the crossing”

  1. Hi Busy Girlio!!! Glad you are going on this Lake adventure…..and, in reading about your early paddling in Australia… Funny, this morning I left you a new message on your blog…..smiling….Have a safe paddle….love from your old California friend, Barbie

  2. Wish you calm seas for the crossing and can’t wait for the blog after the finish. This video was an over long stream of consciousness or rather a diary entry you could have skipped and caught some sleep. However – it is always wonderful to see and hear from you. Go safely L1.

  3. Hi darling, watching your video, you must be well prepared. You mentioned all the bits you needed for this sea crossing, hope that the kayak can carry it all. May there be sunshine and not much wind. You gutsie girl, be safe and hear from you when you have reached the other side. Love you heaps, Mutti xx 😘

    1. Thanks Mutti, it’s 3:40am and I’m just scoffing down a bowl of oatmeal, almost ready to go!

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