A sad update on The Otter

I learned with great sadness today that Steven Olshansky, our beloved Otter, was found deceased at a campground in Northern New Mexico this weekend by north bounding CDT hikers.

His family have posted a short note on his search page, which links to the article published yesterday in the Albuquerque Journal.

My heart goes out to his family and friends who have been investigating his disappearance since November last year, and have been keeping us up to date with their investigations while living this nightmare for so many months.

I want to thank everyone who shared details of his disappearance so far and wide through Facebook and other channels. If you’d like to send a message to his family and friends, please leave a comment on this posting and I will share it with his sister Miranda, who kindly kept in touch with me throughout this agonising ordeal.

Rest in peace dear Otter, as you always said, “Life is a hike.”

May your legend and spirit live on through the trails of life.

Your PCT friend,

Muk Muk

7 thoughts on “A sad update on The Otter”

  1. This is such sad news. I’ve seen your past posts about his disappearance, was really hoping for a better outcome than this. So devastated for his family and friends. Rip.

  2. Otter…

    … you’re on “Otter bonus miles” now, for sure.
    I’m grateful we walked awhile together.

    Your friend,

  3. Very sad, Muk. I know we were all hoping for better news. Just another reminder that hikers can never take anything for granted. Being prepared and experienced isn’t enough. May Otter rest in peace.

  4. Incredibly sad to hear this….I have no words….no way to say what needs no empty words and cliches…..so sad….thinking of all who loved him…friends and family……

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