A leap of faith

Amidst the smoky haze of the multiple wildfires burning across British Columbia at the moment, I paddled with seven colleagues to Anvil Island yesterday, crossing Howe Sound from Porteau Cove Provincial Park to climb Leading Peak (754m). Here’s a quick snapshot…

Video: Music: Come away to the water, Maroon 5

After a 10km paddle, 4 hours of hiking, and 8kms of riding to the pick up point and back, I felt the same level of exhaustion I used to feel every day on the trail. But in contrast to the serenity of yesterday, today I also hit the Cheakamus River in Squamish for another whitewater adventure, successfully landing my second ever seal launch. (I tipped on the first attempt!)


My enthusiasm for paddling in general has enhanced my fervour for life, giving me the same confidence in ability I used to feel on the trail – the ability to live outside of my comfort zone.


On the way to the river this morning, I was talking to my colleague about the satisfaction I get from doing something that pushes me beyond my comfort level, making me sick to the stomach with nerves even thinking about it. When I was younger the thought of going to school did this for me, but now whitewater kayaking is the same. After launching into the river off that rock however, which looked about 10 feet higher from where I was sat, I felt invincible. I’ve come a long way from that shy school girl, and now have some understanding of why thrill seekers love nothing more than to live on the edge. It may be an addiction, but it certainly adds another dimension to life!


11 thoughts on “A leap of faith”

  1. Sea kayaking is so much fun! Have never attempted a “seal” launch…awesome…note to self: must do! Though I think my surf/beach landings are bad enough on the bottom and rudder of my kayak.. Looks like you had a reinforced special just for that. Life is great…and sooo many new adventures, places and things to do.

    1. Ha..I’m replying to myself. Really I’m replying to an ongoing discussion over the last few posts. I’m taking your advice and working on my writing. Had some insights lately on a focus (initially to be PCT, but that is still 2 years out) for a blog.

      1. That’s awesome to hear! Let us know when you’ve set something up so we can delve a little further into your head!

    1. Score! I just got Heather Andersons zpacks hexamid tent she used when she set the 2013 PCT record! She hated to get rid of, but needed $, and I was first to offer 🙂 I will be so much faster..(rolls eyes)! Thought you might appreciate..most (all) of my friends think I’m whacked. Asked her to sign it. excited!!

      1. Wow that’s awesome! She probably barely used it how little she actually slept! Now you just need the dress to go with it and you’ll be flying down the trail!

  2. True…wonder if she’ll sell that..haha. Oh, and my thought exactly on the times and time she slept couldn’t have been much at all. I’m just hoping it has some residual power in it…to keep me going!

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